How to repair weapons and armor in Tribes of Midgard

Keep your blades sharp.

Image via Norsfell

Your weapons, armor, and tools in Tribes of Midgard will slowly decay as they’re used throughout your playthrough. Of the three, armor takes the longest, whereas weapons and tools can break quickly, especially the lower-tier ones you initially craft when you start the game. You can consistently find yourself crafting new ones, or you have the option to repair them, which is a viable option to save the resources that you’re going to be hoarding during your World.

The repair station is next to the other villagers in your village, on the lower right side of the camp. Approach it, and you’ll have the option to go through all of your weapons, armor, and tools that are damaged to view the option to repair them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Repairing any piece of equipment requires that you donate a small bundle of souls. You won’t have to use any resources required to craft the item, potentially giving you access to other upgrades for your village or more equipment, but it does drain your souls, but it’s a small amount, depending on the number of repairs you need to make.

The higher tier of weapon and the lower durability of the weapon, armor, or tool, the more souls you’re going to need. However, if it’s a higher tier of weapon, you’re likely further in the game where it’s much easier to obtain souls, making it a simple exchange to ensure your weapons are the best that you can use.