How to repair your Starship in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition

A seemingly straightforward repair job gets an unexpected twist.

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With No Man’s Sky’s latest Expedition, Hello Games isn’t making life easy for you. Not only is permadeath a constant threat to your ongoing Leviathan adventures, but it turns out it’s actively encouraged as part of your progress! This first comes into effect when you have to repair your stricken Starship, so it’s time to get ready to die in order to save that ship.

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How to die and return to the Leviathan Expedition

Having already found your ship and absorbed that first Memory Fragment, your next quest is to repair the downed craft. Any early mining might be enough to cover most of the tasks (as well as fixing the Terrain Manipulator on your Mining Tool), but the only way to unlock the blueprint for the Hermetic Seal that you’ll need to repair the Pulse Engine is to complete the Iterate/Repeat quest that demands that you die — so ignore the rest of the repairs for now and prepare to do just that.

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The easiest way is to use your jetpack to boost straight up and just let yourself fall (ideally off a cliff for added damage). If that fails, there are some hostile locals who’d probably be happy to help whittle down your health. Once dead, you’ll need to load up your last newly-saved game to return to the planet and once again have to find your Starship. The good news, however, is that those previous Milestones remain in place, so you won’t need to repeat everything, and collecting your fresh rewards from the Expedition menu will give you a much better starting point ― including the Hermetic Seal plans you’ll now have access to.

How to repair your Starship in the Leviathan Expedition

After making sure you’ve absorbed all of your available new Memory Fragments, which should include a Scatter Blaster upgrade for your Multi-Tool, you’re free to set about repairing your stricken ship. For seasoned No Man’s Sky players, it should be pretty straightforward now that the Hermetic Seal is unlocked, with the Launch Thrusters requiring Pure Ferrite and Di-Hydrogen Jelly — the former refined from Ferrite Dust using the Portable Refiner that comes pre-packed in your inventory, and the latter crafted into any empty Exosuit slot.

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To fix the Pulse Engine, you just need to find some Carbon to make Condensed Carbon and use any spare Ferrite Dust to make a Metal Plate. The resources should all be found without too much trouble, although a little inventory management might be needed to juggle your supplies. You should also note that your Starship has some Life Support Gel to help ease your health worries, but there’s no harm in finding some additional Oxygen sources as a backup.

Once you’ve got all the components in place, you’ll be free to finally take off — with your next mission requiring you to find Specialist Polo aboard the Space Anomaly. So just point the nose of your ship to the stars and power upwards until you can summon the Anomaly from the menu. Regulars of the main campaign will know where to find Polo, but newcomers should follow the HUD marker to the raised area that’s straight ahead when you first arrive (Polo is the little guy on the right as you enter). He’ll give you a teaser of the ongoing time-loop narrative and have many brand new items to head out and discover, but collecting the rewards for your now-completed quest will help.

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