Cube World – How to Restore Health


Health is a pretty vital resource in Cube World because when you run out of it, you die. When you are fighting mobs and monsters, the damage that you take can thankfully be dealt with by using potions and food to restore your health.

How To Restore Health In Cube World

Food can be cooked at campfires, which can often be found in villages or dotted around the map in various places. You can make the below types of food. Thankfully, for emergencies, some recipes don’t require any cooking. The ingredients for the recipes can be found while you are exploring the world, or sometimes full items will drop from mobs of enemies.

It is also possible to find food that you can eat without prepping, like Apples. These can just be eaten at any time to restore your health.

The golden rule in Cube World is if you see something on the ground, pick it up; it is very likely a valuable resource!

  • Ginseng Soup – made with Ginseng Root, requires a campfire.
  • Pumpking Muffin – made with a Pumpkin, requires a campfire.
  • Pineapple Slice – made with a Pineapple, does not require a campfire.
  • Mushroom Spit – requires a mushroom slice, onion slice, and a campfire.
  • Snowberry Mash – made from a Snowberry, does not require a campfire.

When you eat food using the Q button, an animation will start. You heal slowly while this animation is playing, but interrupting the animation will stop the healing. You also don’t want to hit Q rapidly, or you will be wasting potential healing time. Just hit Q once, then let the animation play out, then heal again if you need to.

Life Potions

You can also heal with Life Potions. These require a Heartflower and a Water Flask to craft. Heart flowers can be found growing in the world, while Water Flasks can be purchased, or will sometimes drop from dead enemies.

The Q button will default to use whatever the first item is in your inventory, and will work through the healing items in the order. If you wish to change the item currently on Q, just hit the Tab button to bring up quick select, and use A and D to navigate to the item you want.