How to salvage gear, and get back Enchantment points

Break it down.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft Dungeons, like all good isometric action-RPGs, is something of a loot treadmill. As you move through areas you can find crates filled with weapons or armor, or it can drop from enemies upon death. All loot as a power level and your combined power level dictate how strong you are. As you get strong you can ramp up the difficulty, giving you access to more powerful gear.

You can also level up by gaining experience, which will give you Enchantment points that you can use to power up you weapons and armor, and get some perks. Maybe your sword can set people on fire, or your crossbow can fire giant bolts. When you sink Enchantment points into a weapon you may be wondering how to get them back, or if they are simply lost after you outgrow the weapon.


The good news is that the game has a salvage option, allowing you to break down gear in return for the gems currency that you need to buy things from traders. You also get back the Enchantment points that you have spent on a weapon, allowing you to instantly invest them into the next weapon you want to use.

To salvage an item, open the industry and click on the item you no longer need. On the right of the screen you will see a salvage button, and this will break down the weapon for gems, return your Enchantment points, and also free up some space in your inventory.

In the top left of the screen you will be able to see your gem and Enchantment points counters, telling you how many of each resource you have.