How to save all characters in Bugsnax

A strange turn.


Image via Sony

Before you read this guide, be advised that it contains massive story spoilers for Bugsnax. We cannot overstate how spoilery this will be, so read on at your own risk.

While the creatures in Bugsnax might seem to be all cute and cuddly, they are actually monstrous parasites hellbent on turning people into more Bugsnax. That is the real reason why a limb or bodypart will become a Bugsnack after an NPC eats one. At the end of the game, after learning this terrible truth, you need to help every escape the island.

This is not a cute ending, these characters can actually die if you mess this up. To get everyone off the island, you need to help them fight back against the Bugsnack hordes, so in this article we will show you what you need to do.


Filbo is quite easy to save, all you need to do is place the trap down on the little pathway that leads up to the ship, then use it to blend the Bugsnax that try to get to him. There will only be two waves of them.

Floofty and Shelda

Once again, this one isn’t so bad. Flooty will give you a gun that shoots a boxing glove, use it to knock back all the Bugsnax that come at them. Be on the lookout for an ambush from behind the fence as you move into the barn.

Chandlo and Snorpy

Chandlo and Snorpy is a bit more interesting. Snorpy will control a flying Trip Shot that you need to aim for. You will need to hit all the logs that Chandlo throws up into the wall if you want to save them both. Just aim at the logs and fire, then make sure you trip all the Bugsnax in a wave before moving to the next log.

Beffica and Cromdo

This one is a little tricky. Cromdo will load a barrel onto the launchpad, and you need to hit the incoming Bugsnack, blowing them up. The best tactic is to let them group up, then take as many as you can out with a single barrel. Also, don’t accidentally fire yourself into the river.

Wiggle and Gramble

Wiggle and Gramble boils down to aim. You will need to use a spikey Buggy Ball to smash into the Bugsnax crawling up the beach. We would suggest you work at the opposite end of the beach where they spawn so you have the time to chase down anything that makes it past you.

Wmbus and Triffany

For Wambus and Triffany, you need to hit the incoming Bugsnax with Wampus’ special sauce. This will cause then to get disoriented and attack each other.

If any of the NPCs eat too many Bugsnax, which will happen if any of the critters manage to reach them, then they will dissolve away before your eyes.