How to save your game in Resident Evil Village

Don’t lose progress.

Screenshot via Capcom YouTube

Resident Evil Village lines up a spooky cast of misshapen monsters, vampires, and werewolves for players to try to outsmart. The world-famous horror game series returns, and is as deadly as ever.

While you explore the world, solve the mysteries, and attempt to stay alive, you will want to save the game as often as possible. This is an interesting prospect in Resident Evil Village as there is no way to save the game through the menus.

Players looking to save their progress in the game will need to find typewriters in the game, and only then will they be able to access the save menu, choose a slot, and record their progress.

These typewriters are quite rare, but after you find one it will be marked on the map for you so you can easily make your way back to it. It should also be noted that the game’s areas are not really all that big, so finding a phone is usually easy enough to do.

During important story moments some areas will become partially locked down, forcing you to confront whatever choices or horrors are demanding your attention, but other than that you should normally be able to get to a typewriter without much issue.