How to scan items equaling $100 in Kill It With Fire – Shopping Spree objective

Time for a supermarket sweep.

Kill it with Fire

Screengrab via tinyBuild

When you think of the places you least expect to see spiders invading your space, while grocery shopping is probably high on most people’s list. That makes it a very appropriate location for a level for Kill it with Fire, a game all about burning those spiders to the ground.

That said, when you’re looking to get rid of critters in a grocery store, it’s forward thinking to get some groceries while you’re there. The game agrees, and so one of your objectives in the game’s Major Inconvenience level, set in a gas station forecourt, is to go shopping. However, to complete this objective, you need to scan 10 goods through the checkout equal to the value of $100.

Every item in the store has a value, and you must pick them up using E, and then move the item over the scanner next to the til. The value of the product will then ping up on the screen. The problem that you will find is that almost every item in the store is under the value of $10.

However, there is one item that you can look out for that is easy to spot and will always be over $10 in value. The laundry items all have a value higher than $10, so the items that you need to look out for all have the branding “Regular” on the front of it. 

There are multiple versions of the product, all valued above $10, and there are plenty of them scattered throughout the store. Find them and scan them, and you will hit that $100 objective in no time.