How to Scry as an Antiquarian in The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor

Time to dig to the bottom of this.

After you acquire the Antiquarian skill in The Elder Scrolls Online, you have to try Scrying. It’s a new skill added with the Greymoor chapter, and it’s a little complicated for those who thought being an Antiquarian would be an easy task. You need to rely on using your Scrying skills to locate historical objects, which is not a straightforward process. You can freely use this skill after speaking to Verita Numia. You can find her in the city of Solitude, in Western Skyrim.

After you complete the initial quest for her and cover the basics, you have to rely on Scrying for objects on your own. The first thing you need to do is discover a Lead on an item. You can find a Lead in almost any location in the game, such as taking an enemy, looting it from a chest, or stealing it from a wardrobe or chest inside a house. Once you find a Lead, you can start Scrying for an item.

Before you Scry for an object, you have to use the Antiquarian Eye in the correct region of the world it is. For example, if the item is in Western Skyrim, you need to travel anywhere in Western Skrim to Scry for it. If you try to do it elsewhere, it won’t work.

When the menu for this item comes up, it’s similar to a mirror, but there are dozens of little symbols all over it. The main symbols you want to worry about the swirling ones, consistently rotating on the screen. Your goal is to start at the bottom of the mirror where the arrow icon is, and work your way to connect all of the swirling icons. You can narrow down the exact location of the item on the world map if you do that. The fewer icons you connect, the more general idea you have of the region.

Once you have a decent idea of where to find the item, open up your world map and look for it on your map. It will give you a decent idea of where to start looking for it, such as a specific point of interest you need to visit. Head to the location, and locate one of the excavation sites in that area. You then need to do the excavation mini-game to try and find the item.


Excavation mini-game consists of you using your brush to remove some of the dirt covering up the object. Rather than immediately use the brush to find the object, use the Antiquarian Eye somewhere on the small outline of the earth to narrow down the item’s location. You can do this by click on the Antiquarian Eye on the lower-left hand on your screen, and then selecting an area on the dirt to use it.

If it’s red, that’s not an area you want to brush away because it won’t have the item. You want to look for yellow, with a small sparkle animation attached to it to find the item. Make sure to watch the clock at the top of your screen to see how much time you have left. Each brush you use eats aware the hours until none are remaining. Once you have the item and you have time remaining, you can brush away the dirt to discover bonus items hidden nearby.