How to sign up for the Palia pre-alpha

Get ready.

Fans of games involving farming and settlement building appear to be in for a treat when it comes to the upcoming Palia by Singularity 6. Described as a “community simulation,” Palia draws on inspirations like Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia, and Animal Crossing to give players something new to enjoy.

Palia will be an MMO, so running a farm and a village with your friends will be on the cards. It could very well turn into the ultimate multiplayer experience for the popular farming/life sim genre. While the game doesn’t have a confirmed release date, sign-ups for the pre-alpha are now open.

Visiting the Palia website will see a sign-up box for pre-Alpha access. All players need to do is pop in their email address and hit Submit. After that, they will be asked if they want to fill in a small survey. This will ask some questions about your gaming habits, the type of PC you have, and doing so will greatly increase your chances of getting pre-Alpha access.

There has not been a confirmed date for the pre-Alpha either, but a tweet from the Palia Twitter account said it would be coming soon. While that doesn’t exactly give much detail, it at least implies within a couple of months, although it is impossible to tell.

After filling in the details and submitting for access, all you can do is bide your time until you get contacted by the developers.