How to start Crimes in Red Dead Online

Crime finally pays in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online

With the launch of Red Dead Online’s latest update, Blood Money, players can finally take on a profitable life of crime. To that extent, players can start new missions called Crimes to earn Capitale, a new commodity central to the Blood Money update.

Players can start crimes by going to certain unsavory NPCs located throughout the west. These NPCs, which usually doled out simple free-roam missions, now give players Crimes to complete. They are the following:

  • Anthony Foreman in Rhodes
  • Joe in New Hanover
  • Sean Macguire in the Great Planes
  • James Langton in Hennigan’s Stead

Crimes consist of small-time, well, crimes. They can be tackled by up to six players and come in a healthy variety. Players can start a contract, a multi-part free roam event, or a simpler, shorter crime, like robbing a homestead or camp. Capitale can be earned from these missions by thieving from houses or looting dead bodies. Capitale can then be used to take on larger Crimes called Opportunities, which are akin to GTA Online’s heists.

Players can access Crimes at absolutely no cost. Red Dead Online’s Blood Money content is accessible to all players, requiring no gold bar buy-in.