How to start the Reunion DLC in Dicey Dungeons

It’s time to get rolling.

Terry Cavanagh’s delightful roguelike Dicey Dungeons has unveiled its Reunion DLC, adding a new set of episodes for the veteran indie title in an update that’s free for all owners of the game. The DLC brings players back into Lady Luck’s twisted game show for a fresh set of randomized enemies and levels to take on, building on the foundations set by the game’s original 2019 release. Rather than being integrated into the existing gameplay, the updated content exists in its own dedicated space within Dicey Dungeons.

Where and how to start the Reunion DLC

To dive into the new content, players will want to head to the “Bonus Episodes” section, available from the game’s title screen.

Selecting the Reunion poster will take you to the level pack’s title screen and, from there, a fresh set of challenges for each of the game’s six playable characters. All the characters are available from the start, so players can choose whether to dive into the new content in the game’s recommended difficulty order or go straight to an existing favorite among the cast.

With a new set of episodes comes revised challenges, and fans of the game may find that some characters, including the Robot, have kits with completely different character skills and Limit Breaks from the main game. Brand new players will likely want to familiarize themselves with the game’s original content before diving into the Reunion episodes since the bonus content is built with a level of understanding of how the game works in mind.

Players on all of the game’s platforms should be able to access the Reunion DLC and the earlier Halloween Special through the Bonus Episodes menu after updating the game to the latest version. This includes the Android and iOS versions, which launched alongside the update.