How to surrender in Pokémon Unite

Sometimes things just do not go your way.

Surrendering is not usually something gamers like to do. Whether it is a belief in your abilities to make a comeback or pure stubbornness, it is not something that happens in many games. There are very few games that provide a surrender option, but MOBAs are an area that do provide the option given how long matches can go. If you are playing Pokémon Unite and things are not going your team’s way, you can end the game early. Here is how to surrender in Pokémon Unite.

Surrendering in Pokémon Unite can only be done after five minutes have gone by the match. Until that point, you will have to endure whatever is happening in the game. After that threshold, you can start a vote among your teammates to surrender. First, bring up the scoreboard by pressing the plus button and then the minus button to bring up Settings.

Screenshot by Gamepur

At the bottom, you will see the Surrender option. You can suggest your team surrender up to three times, which will start a vote. If most of your team votes to surrender, the match will end, and your team will earn a loss, but you won’t have to waste time waiting for the inevitable to happen. Only go this route if there is no way your team is going to win the match.