How to survive blizzards in Project Winter

Make surviving the blizzards a breeze.

In Project Winter, players don’t have only the traitors to worry about when trying to escape the mountain. They have to brave the harsh environment, finding resources to repair objectives, and keep themselves alive by maintaining their health, hunger, and body temperature. Of course, it’s a little challenging to do that when blizzards kick up in the area. Here is how to best survive when a blizzard kicks up.

The biggest concern to keep in mind when a blizzard is coming in is to warm yourself. While running to the cabin and using the fireplace to warm up is easy and the most efficient way to survive, it is not always possible. If you are far away from the cabin and are already low on health or temperature, it could be impossible to make it back without dying.

With the above in mind, the best course of action to keep yourself warm is to carry a campfire kit in your inventory. The item can be crafted in the cabin by spending Two wooden logs.

Use the campfire on the ground, and it will warm anyone standing around it, including other players. Place it at the right time, and it should maintain its power until the storm ends, or at least close to it.

As the campfire stands, it will slowly lose its luster before going out. If you have any extra wood in your inventory, you can put it on the fire to refuel it.

Alternative means to keep yourself warm is to use food. Food items will slightly raise both your health and temperature bars, but only minimally. It may not save your life, but using food can slightly delay your freezing.