How to throw a fusion coil in Halo Infinite

Don’t stand too close to it.

Image via 343 Industries

You have several ways to defeat an opponent in Halo Infinite. You can take them out from afar with a sniper rifle, bash them up close with a melee hit, throw a grenade at them when their shields run out, or run them over with a vehicle. There’s a lot of variety to take out an opponent, but you can also use the fusion coils you can find on specific Halo Infinite multiplayer maps. Here’s what you need to know about throwing a fusion coil in the game.

When you’re ready to throw a fusion coil, all you have to do is approach it and click the interact button. For those on a controller and those using a keyboard, it’s the E key. After you interact with the fusion coil, you’ll immediately pick it up, and then you’ll have to use the firing button, the right trigger for those using a controller, and the left mouse button for those on the mouse and keyboard.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The fusion coil can go pretty far. When it lands, it does explode and causes a decent amount of damage. If you’re close to the object when it does explode, it can kill you, but if you miss by a little bit, it does do far less damage. While it is in the air, you can shoot it to cause it to explode much sooner before it hits the ground, but you have to carefully time it.

If you’re working together with a friend, you can have it so one of you tosses the item and then shoots it before it hits the ground near a cluster of enemies. Whenever you see the blue crates on a Halo Infinite map, basically treat them like exploding barrels.