How to trade with other players in Path of Exile

Getting rich isn’t too difficult when you can trade with others.

Path of Exile

The amount of loot you can acquire in Path of Exile is quite extensive. Whether you find it scattered throughout the world or buy it from a vendor, your inventory will never be empty. However, unlike other online RPGs, there’s no detailed way to trade the loot you find or earn. There’s no market like in Elder Scrolls Online, for example, which can be quite disappointing to newer players. 

While the game itself doesn’t offer you a way to trade, though, there is a website you can use. It’s official and backed by Path of Exile, so you don’t have to worry about losing your account or being suspended for using it. The website,, can even be accessed through the official Path of Exile website. Here’s how you can use the site to sell your unwanted loot or buy much-needed items. 

First off, you’ll want to visit You can follow the link we provided or find it on the Path of Exile website. Once there, you can search for any piece of loot in the game. This can be customized down to very minute details in case you’re looking for something extra specific.

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Once you have all of the information put in, press the “Search!” button at the bottom of the page. If the item you’re looking for is being sold, then it will appear along with the player’s name who is selling it. If you wish to buy the item, press “Whisper” next to the seller’s name, which alerts the player you wish to buy their item.

After that, it’s up to the seller to contact you back. If they do, then you’ll most likely have to visit their Hideout to retrieve your piece of loot. When going to the seller’s Hideout, ensure you have the correct amount of currency that was agreed upon. If all goes well, the seller will contact you to trade, you’ll hand over the currency, and the trade is complete.

You can also list an item to sell if you wish, which can be done at the bottom of the page. Although selling an item requires you to have a Premium Stash Tab. These can be purchased through the in-game store.