How to trigger the Modern Warfare Winter Docks Easter Egg

Modern Warfare Winter Docks

Modern Warfare‘s newest update went out early yesterday, introducing two new maps, the Cranked game mode, and some updates to the Item Shop. Also included in the update was a holiday-spin on the 2v2 Gunfight map, Docks, now named ‘Winter Docks.’

Initially, players thought that this was just a simple makeover by Infinity Ward to celebrate the holiday season. However, upon further inspection, Winter Docks contains a hidden easter egg.

Art director at Infinity Ward, Joel Emslie, told the community about the easter egg, and within two hours, it was discovered. It seems YouTuber PrestigeIsKey was the first to figure out the steps.

First, if you look at one of the side buildings, you will see a Back to the Future-esque clock tower. On top of this tower is a weathervane, which you will need to shoot at once the clock strikes 12:00 exactly.

If you time it correctly, an electrical surge will course through the telephone poles and spawn a sleigh and reindeer. However, instead of Santa and Rudolph, it’s Captain Price flying the sleigh and Riley from Call of Duty: Ghosts leading the way.

There also appears to be a second easter egg on Winter Docks that has yet to be discovered.