How to turn on and find turntables in PUBG

PUBG challenges consist of more than merely killing and surviving until the end. This one forces players to look out for turntables in the game.

PUBG is all about survival, but sometimes you need to focus on gaining experience points for your Survivor’s Pass and leveling your character. A challenge you will likely need to complete is to turn turntables in the game. We’re going to detail how to do that, and where you need to go to locate these turntables in the first place.

These items randomly spawn and only show up on a particular map: Erangel, which is the game’s original map. Unfortunately, there’s no clear where to locate them. You need to explore the map and look inside of buildings to find them. When you approach them, you should have the option to turn them on or off.

You might notice them at first. These turntables look like blue suitcases pushed up against the side of the room. When you approach to turn them all, it highlights the entire object, and you should see it open to begin playing music.

After you do that, it should count toward your total. You won’t have to turn on all of the turntables during a single match, so after you wrap up one of them, you should freely progress through the map to play the game naturally. Because you need to hopefully jump into a game where you’re on the Erangel map, it might take some time to complete this challenge.