How to turn Shield Mode on and off on Twitch

Protect yourself on Twitch with Shield Mode.

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Twitch has introduced Shield Mode to protect its users from hate raids that have been forming on the platform. Shield Mode allows streamers and moderators to implement safety settings during their streams to help prevent harassment from viewers. You can configure these settings to be as strong as you like, as well as ensure only certain people can comment on your stream.

Implementing Shield Mode isn’t difficult, and you can turn it off at any time. With the ability to prevent hate raids from getting out of hand with easy implementation, Shield Mode should be a cornerstone of every Twitch streamer’s toolkit.

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Turning on Shield Mode during a stream

To activate Shield Mode during a stream, it must be active. You can also activate Shield Mode from your Channel Menu, Stream Manager, or from the moderator page. Just go into a chat and type “/shield” to activate Shield Mode. It will immediately take effect and start protecting your steam. You can also configure the settings of Shield Mode to give you the safety settings that you desire.

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You can modify these settings during the stream as well, just in case the security settings need to be beefed up amidst an unexpected hate raid.

To turn off Shield Mode at any time, you can type in “/shieldoff” to deactivate Shield Mode. You can also select the purple window in the chat that indicates Shield Mode is active. Next to the “Open” button will be the option to turn off Shield Mode. Shield Mode can also be deactivated by a moderator in case the streamer is occupied.

Shield Mode Functions & Settings

With Shield Mode, you can implement a bulk ban on phrases and only allow the chat for viewers who have been with you for a certain period of time. You can also block any first time chatters, or decide whether you want words and/or emotes in your chat.

You should take some time to test the options and see what works for you. Stricter settings may be recommended if you experience too many hate raids, but you can also deactivate Shield Mode if you don’t see any looming problems. Now that you know how to turn Shield Mode on and off, you can make that decision yourself (or have your moderators help you).