How to unlock additional Fiend customization options in Monark

An interesting take on customization.

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Fiends in Monark are controllable units that resemble skeletons. They’re different from the human pactbearers in that their appearances can be changed to your liking, but additional customization can be unlocked. If you want more freedom of expression, our guide below details how to get more options.

Customization shouldn’t be confused with the vessels, impacting Fiends’ stats and usable abilities. Customization refers only to cosmetics, but they’re incredibly limited at first. You’re stuck with the same four height, and body build presets, but the following elements offer more choice:

  • Face
  • Hairstyle
  • Hair color
  • Voice
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These additional choices are tied to Monark’s achievement system. Every PlayStation trophy and Steam achievement coincides with an in-game trophy. Of the 47 trophies, 36 offer Fiend customization as a reward. Some trophies are unlocked by progressing throughout the story. However, others require more specific actions. For example, Fiend face J is unlocked after performing a four-unit assist attack.

After unlocking a trophy, you’ll need to open up the achievements menu to claim your reward. Scroll until you find the trophy in question. Unclaimed rewards are indicated by a diamond symbol in the top right corner of the trophy. This symbol disappears after the reward has been claimed. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing what each customization option actually looks or sounds like beforehand. It’s also worth noting that some face vessels override your custom face and hairstyle.

Screenshot by Gamepur