How to unlock all pets in Swords of Legends Online

Some of them you will get whether you like it or not.

Swords of Legends pets guide

Image by Gameforge

Pets are easy to ignore in Swords of Legends Online against the backdrop of features like large scale fights, imposing monsters, and picturesque landscapes. However, players who spend the time to unlock all pets in Swords of Legends Online will find it’s well worth their time. Pets are not only cute (most of them, anyway), but they also provide small passive bonuses to players who unlock a specific number of pets of the same type. This guide explains how to unlock all pets in Swords of Legends Online.

Questline pets

Some of the Swords of Legends Online pets are so easy to unlock, you might do it accidentally.

  • Akabane Banner. To get this, you just have to finish the Blood Ruvia tutorial questline.
  • Lunar Mirror. You unlock this pet by finishing the 4th Biography: Dreams of Cloudrise.
  • Underworld Lantern. Finishing the Envoy of Turquoise Lantern tutorial questline grants you this pet.

Buyable pets

You get the majority of Swords of Legends Online pets by buying them, though some also have unlock requirements before they become available to purchase.

  • Bamboo Soul Cat. After Prestige 5, you can buy this pet in the Alliance Shop in Cloudrise City.
  • Blue Qilin. This pet can be bought from the Ancestral Temple Shop in Zhongnan Foothills after Prestige 5.
  • Dragonfly Kite Tail and Dragonfly Kite. You get these two pets from the Event Item Trader in the Yaotian Palace in Cloudrise City. They require 1000 Eady Tree Species and 1400 Easy Tree Species, respectively.
  • Fire Fuzzy. This pet is sold at the Fenghuang Temple Shop in Shanghui Grasslands. It requires Prestige 7.
  • Nini Dog. After Prestige 7, you can buy this one from any Natural History Academy Shop. It takes 2400 Erudition Points.
  • Rattle Drum. After Prestige 7, you can buy this pet from your Class School Merchant’s Shop.
  • Small Blue Qilin. After reaching Prestige 6, you can buy this in the Weichuan Highlands Council Shop.

Achievement pets

Some of the pets in Swords of Legends Online you can only unlock after completing some tasks.

  • Baby Fuzzy. You get this pet after collecting 50 Baby Fuzz Splinters from Leisure activities.
  • Chinchilla. If you manage to place among the top 3 in the weekly Heartstrings Ranking Leaderboard, you unlock this pet as a reward.
  • Little Fire Fuzzy. If you kill Bam Bam in the leisure activity Explosive Escape, you unlock the Fire Fuzz achievement, and you get this pet. Note, that only the player dealing the killing blow will unlock the pet.
  • Qilin Baby, This pet is unlocked after you collect 50 Baby Scale Splinters from Leisure activities.