How to unlock both true endings in Sucker for Love Chapter 1

My reality for a kiss?

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In Sucker for Love, your relationships with the various eldritch beings you come across don’t just have consequences for you. They affect all of humanity and life in entire dimensions. But that’s what you sign up for when you romance the old gods.

Each chapter in the game has multiple different outcomes based on the decisions you make along the way, with Chapter 1 having two options to choose from. You can either commit to Ln’eta by performing the Final Pledge, thus taking the final act of all humanity in your reality. Or you can sever your connection to your eldritch date and return to reality, or whatever is left of it.

Good (Enough) End

To get this ending, along with (hopefully) your one smooch from Ln’eta, the steps are pretty straightforward. Once you successfully escape from reality, just follow the steps Ln’eta gives you. Perform the Dark Communion ritual, turn off all the lights so Ln’eta can sleep, and then perform the Final Pledge ritual.


To end your insanity and return back to your reality, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands and end things with Ln’eta. To do this, first, perform the Dark Communion ritual. Then, once you turn off all the lights and Ln’eta falls asleep, turn back to the page in her book that gives instructions on the ritual Breakup.

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Follow the instructions for Breakup to cut your losses and get back to what’s left of your home dimension. Hopefully, Ln’eta doesn’t take the breakup too hard.