How to unlock Chyna in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

The 9th Wonder of the World.

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Thanks to a new content update on January 27, Saber Interactive added three new wrestlers: Tyler Breeze, Mark Henry, and Chyna to WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Players can now use the 9th Wonder of the World as a playable wrestler, but before that can be done, 2K Battlegrounds users will need to unlock her first.

To unlock Chyna, first head to the Superstars menu, which can be found by selecting the Superstars tab on the top-right hand side of the Main Menu. From there, scroll through the list of wrestlers until you find Chyna.

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Players will need to spend either 6,000 Bucks or 150 Golden Bucks to unlock the 9th Wonder of the World. Players can also purchase an alternate attire for either 3,000 Bucks or 150 Golden Bucks, but that outfit will be unavailable until Chyna has been unlocked.