How to unlock every character in Subway Surfers

Dash as fast as you can.

Image via Kiloo and SYBO Games

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Subway Surfers is one of the most popular endless games co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games. The game was released in 2012 for mobile platforms and has been the most downloaded game of the decade till 2019. The main objective of the game is to escape from the inspector and his dog while running on the railway tracks along with dodging collisions with trains and other objects.

The game has a total of 29 characters that you can equip while running on the tracks. These characters can be unlocked in the Me section at the bottom of the home screen by spending coins, keys, money, completing tasks, or using character tokens. Here’s the list of characters along with the requirements to unlock them.

Image via Kiloo and SYBO Games
Character NameRequirement
Alex$3.38 (Might vary in different regions)
Amira50 Keys
BoombotFree with any purchase
Brody350,000 Coins
DinoLogin with Facebook
Ella150,000 Coins
E.Z.$3.38 (Might vary in different regions)
Festive FreshReach Tier 30 in St. Petersburg Season Hunt
Frank40,000 Coins
Fresh50 Fresh Radio Tokens
Freya60 Keys
JakeDefault character
King80,000 Coins
Lucy7,000 Coins
Miss Maia100 Keys
Nicolai$3.38 (Might vary in different regions)
Ninja20,000 Coins
Prince K980,000 Coins
Spike200 Spike Guitar Tokens
Tagbot12,000 Tokens
Tasha30,000 Tokens
TrickyThree Tricky Hat Tokens
Yutani500 Yutani UFO Tokens
Zoe120,000 Coins
Festive Jake95,000 Coins
Festive Tricky60 Keys
Festive Spike$3.38 (Might vary in different regions)
Festive Frank$3.38 (Might vary in different regions)
Festive Yutani$3.38 (Might vary in different regions)