How to unlock every skin in Rocket League’s Frosty Fest

Get these festive skins before they’re gone.

Image via Psyonix.

With the holiday season upon us, Psyonix is rolling out a new holiday-themed event for Rocket League players to enjoy. Unlike the Battle Pass, there are no Premium Challenges, so you don’t need to buy anything to get started. But be sure to get started on these early as this limited-time event will be gone on January 4. This guide will walk you through how to unlock every cosmetic during the Frosty Fest.

Account cosmetics

Cold Sweater Player Banner – Get 20 Clears in Online Matches.

Snowman Avatar Border – Get a Save and a Win in a single Online Match. This challenge could take you a few games if you’re an aggressive player. But focus on your defense, and this challenge will surely unlock.

Title: Sleigh Queen – Win one game in a Snow Day Extra Modes Match. Currently, the Snow Day Extra Mode is Winter Breakaway, but you expect this mode to rotate to something new in a few days.


Cold Sweater – Get 20 Clears in Online Matches.

Snowstorm – Get 20 Shots on Goal in Online Matches.

Xmas Lights – Get 15 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches.

Rocket Boosts and Toppers

Fireworks Rocket Boost – Get 20 Assists in Online Matches. I’m sure many of you don’t want to hear this, but you don’t have to go for a shot every time you have the ball. Trust in your team and try to pass the ball to complete this challenge.

Holiday Bow Topper – Gain 1 XP Level. This is a freebie. After finishing only one match, this Holiday Bow Topper will be yours.


Holiday Hearth – Get 20 Centers in Snow Day Extra Modes Matches. This challenge will force you to play Snow Day Extra Modes more than you probably want. But if you average about five centers per game, you can complete this challenge after only four matches.

Peppermint – Get 15 Goals, Assists, or Saves in Online Matches.

Golden Gift ’20

For this challenge, you will need to play 20 Online Matches (Repeatable 5 times). Each time you complete this challenge, you will receive one Rare Reward Item. These items are completely random, and you could end up with an exceedingly rare item, so it would be wise to play the 100 games required to receive all five of your Rare Items before January 4.