How to unlock Master Arts in Persona 5 Strikers

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Persona 5 Strikers

In Persona 5 Strikers, all characters have a variety of Master Arts that they can unlock, powerful moves and combos that will amp up the damage you can dish out in combat.

To unlock Master Arts, you need to play as a character and battle enemies with them. Landing combos is what will really speed up the process, so make sure you are out there taking on large groups, landing as many hits as you can. This means that while you are working on unlocking any character’s Master Arts, you want to use weaker combos and attacks, so that you can land more of them. It is a little counter intuitive, we admit, but it’s a good idea.

Tough enemies and boss fights are a great time to rack up good combos, as they will be able to stand up to even more punishment. We’d suggest getting your dodge timing down if you plan on extending fights this way instead of finishing them off as quickly as possible, however.

All the characters have four different Master Arts that will unlock a variety of special attacks and combinations.


  • Marking Shot
  • Wild Rush
  • Phantom Shot
  • Burst Shot


  • Don’t Miss It!
  • Do you like it hot?
  • Lie Crying
  • Strong Flame


  • Gun Skipping
  • Reckless Shove
  • Sprinter
  • Spirit


  • Axe Waltz
  • Thread Axe
  • Sing in the Rain
  • Etoile


  • Wheelie Ride
  • End of the Century Rider
  • High Voltage
  • Heat Riser


  • Beast Eyes
  • Beckoning Cat
  • Miracle Punch
  • Sonic Charge


  • AI Spinning
  • Catch and Go
  • Deep Learning
  • Super Blaster


  • Scattering Blades of Ice
  • Hyper Counter
  • World Robbery
  • Freeze Counter


  • Wolf’s Bite
  • Hunting
  • Howl
  • Wolves’ Fang