How to unlock Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil Village

Everything has a price.

Image via Capcom

Mercenaries is a special mode that players can unlock in Resident Evil Village. The mode centers around the idea of getting the highest score possible by killing enemies. The mode is broken up into different stages, and in between stages players must purchase supplies from an NPC called the Duke in order to proceed.

In order to unlock the Mercenaries Mode, players will need to finish the game first. They can do this on any difficulty they wish, even the Casual mode. Once the story has been completed once, they can go the main menu, then Bonuses, Extra Content Shop, Extra Game: The Mercenaries. From here, they can purchase the mode for in-game currency that is easily earned by complete challenges.

From that point on, players can start a new Mercenaries game by going to the main menu, then Bonuses, and The Mercenaries. Players will begin in the first stage and will need to score at least an A-Rank to unlock the next stage. They can achieve this score by killing as many enemies as possible.

There are 8 stages in total, with the first four requiring an A Rank to unlock, and the last 4 requiring a B Rank. Each section starts with a visit to the Duke’s shop to purchase equipment and ammo, after which you are loaded into the stage to try and get the highest score possible.

Stages are broken up into areas, and you can move between them by getting enough kills. When that happens a special goal will appear and when you touch it you will be moved to the new area. You can also find special blue orbs that will bestow you with new abilities, allowing you to really rack up the kills.