How to unlock more Jobs in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

New classes for your characters.

The characters you control in Yakuza: Like a Dragon have the option to change their job, also known as a profession. It determines the type of abilities they use, and what bonus stat increases they receive during combat. For example, when you first start they game, Kasuga can be a ___ or he can be a hero. These two jobs come with different abilities, stats, and have different levels. The more often a character has a current job, the more they level up as they constantly engage in combat. 

How to unlock jobs

Being able to swap out jobs for your characters does not occur until you’ve reached Chapter 5, and it will happen close to the start of it where you need to return to Hello Work. You speak to the director of the establishment to see what jobs everyone qualifies for to earn a bit more money. There will be a brief cutscene where the Hello Work director explains these jobs to you, and what you can do. After finishing the cutscene, you can return to speak to the director at any time to change out your party’s jobs for new ones. They need to meet all of the qualifications for these jobs.

All of the jobs at Hello Work

Here are all of the jobs you can access at Hello Work, and who can have them.

Character specific jobs

  • Part-Timer – Kasuga
  • Hero – Kasuga
  • Homeless – Nanba
  • Detective – Adachi
  • Junior Mistress – Saeko
  • Hitman – Han
  • Mafia – Zhao
  • Clerk – Kamataki

Male jobs

  • Bodyguard 
  • Dancer
  • Fortuneteller
  • Riot Police
  • Street Musician
  • Host
  • Wrecker
  • Chef

Female jobs

  • Hostess
  • Night Queen
  • Idol
  • Dealer
  • Matriarch