How to unlock sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise

Find the sub-camps to fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Sub-camp are a great way to quickly move around each of the maps in Monster Hunter Rise. Every region you visit has a handful of sub-camps you can use to track down a particularly quick-moving monster or if you want to travel around to gather up resources. Before you get access to the sub-camps, you need to unlock access to them. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise.

Each region of sub-camps will be unlocked through Kagero the Merchant. However, before you can speak with him to gain the quest to unlock them, you need to find a sub-camp in that region. When you arrive there, you’ll receive a notification from Master Utsushi, who informs you that you’ve stumbled upon a sub-camp location. After that, you can return to the village to find Kagero the Merchant. They should be right outside the Steelworks area, at the center.

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Kagero will provide you with a minor quest that you’ll need to complete in that region. You can complete this quest while also working on another monster hunt, so working on both of them at the same time is an ideal choice. Once you’ve completed the quest, return to Kagero, and now you can revisit that sub-camp location in that region to unlock them, giving you additional fast travel locations.

You’ll need to follow this process for every region in Monster Hunter Rise. You will have to do this for multiple sub-camps in each region, but you can find them all in a single hunt to grab their quests. The sub-camps are not required, but they help travel through an area much more effortless.