How to unlock the Ghost Signal achievement in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

Sorry Nick, it looks like your call won’t go through.

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As with many of the achievements in The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes, the Ghost Signal achievement requires you to perform specific actions to obtain it. To get this achievement, you need to have Eric ignore Nick’s radio signal during The Vault chapter. Here’s how to unlock the achievement.

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Make Eric have bad relationships

One of the important things you need to keep in mind while getting this achievement is that Eric needs to have a bad relationship with Nick and Rachel. This requirement is easily done by having Rachel side with Nick at the beginning of the game about their relationship. If Rachel chooses Nick, that will severely affect Nick and Eric’s relationship. It is a good measure to make Eric have a bad relationship with the rest of the team.

Here are a few choices that you should make to guarantee a bad relationship with Nick and Rachel:

  • When playing as Rachel, tell Nick you will tell Eric about the relationship.
  • During the briefing, have Eric decline air support and decline bringing the white phosphorus grenades.
  • Choose all negative options when playing as Eric in the tunnels and later on when playing as Rachel.
  • Don’t have Nick confess to Eric about his and Rachel’s relationship.
  • Have Rachel run away instead of saving Eric during The Assault chapter.
  • Choose the ‘You’re choosing him’ option when Rachel is deciding between Eric and Nick.


Later on in the game, Nick will go to plant the explosives on the hive. You will get the choice of whether to advance or retreat. Advance further and complete the QTEs. Afterward, Nick will set off the explosives and call for help. If everything was done correctly, Eric should ignore the radio call, and you will get the achievement.