How to complete the Pencil Pusher challenge in Hitman 3

Wait… this isn’t the right paper at all!

One of the Hitman game’s favorite things to kill targets with is sharp objects laid on a desk. Usually, these items are souvenirs for the victim, giving the whole situation an ironic feel. In the Hitman 3 Mendoza level, there is a sharp pen on a desk you can use to kill Don Yates and earn the challenge Pencil Pusher as well as 4,000 experience points towards your level mastery. Here is how to complete the challenge.

To do this challenge, you first need to get to Don Yates’ villa. It is probably best you get a mercenary disguise so you can mostly walk around freely. There are plenty of opportunities scattered throughout the area for this.

When disguised, enter the villa and immediately turn right to find a side room with a noticer mercenary and a man working at a laptop. Draw the mercenary out with a distraction and subdue him, then hide him in the nearby closet.

Now walk over to the man at the laptop and grab the research file next to him. Turn to your right, and you can place the documents on the other desk. You will notice the pen needed for the challenge.

Now all that is left to be done is wait for Yates to come into the room. He will travel from the upstairs to the backyard before coming through the locked door into the room with the laptop. When Yates arrives, talk to him, and you will give him intel about Diana. Eventually, he will stare at the papers you put on the desk, and you can slam his face into the pen. The laptop guy should not notice you doing this, and the guards that follow Yates around will walk through the room when they enter.