How to unlock the Polar Survival Suit in Hitman 3

Don’t catch a cold, 47.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Polar Survival Suit was added to Hitman 3 as part of Season of Wrath. It’s a returning suit from past Hitman games, and now it’s also available to earn in the third installment. However, you need to complete a specific challenge to get your hands on this suit. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock the Polar Survival Suit so you can start using it wherever Agent 47 travels.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the Polar Survival Suit, you need to complete a newly added assassination in Hokkaido. This assassination is called Ice Cold Cowboy and requires you to kill one of the main targets in Hokkaido’s story mission, Yuki Yamazaki, while disguised as Amos Dexter. This target is the cowboy NPC who occupies the room next to Agent 47 in the Gama facility. In addition to this specific kill requirement, you’ll need to complete the rest of the mission and exit the location using the snow scooter exit. Once you complete the mission, the Polar Survival Suit will drop as a reward in the post-mission screen. 

Since Hokkaido is a location from Hitman 2016, you’ll need to own that game or purchase the pass to access locations from it within Hitman 3. Locations do come into rotation for free now and then, but you can’t count on this all the time if you’re desperate for the suit.