Gears 5: How to unlock the Terminator and Sarah Connor


Gears 5 has officially launched for those who bought the ultimate edition or have the ultimate game pass. On top of a great campaign and stunning graphics, there are several special guest appearances, including various Halo characters and former WWE superstar Batista. Perhaps one of the most popular character appearances is the Terminator and Sarah Connor. This crossover has been done as a form of promotion for the upcoming movie Terminator: Dark Fate.

How To Unlock the Terminator and Sarah Connor in Gears 5

In short, the game needs to be pre-ordered. Be it physically or digitally – a code will be emailed to you containing a DLC code for the characters. However, if you are getting the game through Game Pass, ‘there’s a simple method for getting the Terminator and Connor.

All you need to do is download the game, as people using game passes get access to the content directly. However, be aware of the time limit, these characters are time-sensitive, so you must install the game by September 16th to get the DLC. If you don’t plan on playing Gears 5 yet, that’s not a problem. Though, it would be best if you got it downloaded as soon as possible, that way you won’t miss out on the DLC

Playing as Sarah Connor and the Terminator

All available DLC characters can be used in the majority of game modes such as Virus, Horde, and Hive. In most cases, the player needs to select whom they want to use after the matchmaking process has ended.