How to get the Legendary Trinket Coalescence in Guild Wars 2

The final step.

Image via ArenaNet

The Coalescence Legendary Trinket in Guild Wars 2 is a multi-step process involving many Raids and hunting for resources. The Coalescence is a Trinket that provides great stat buffs and a great visual effect that will spruce up your character’s look. The prerequisite for obtaining this Legendary Trinket is that you’ll need to have the Path of Fire expansion.

To complete the Legendary Trinket, players must first complete three prior phases. The Coalescence I: Unbridled, Coalescence II: The Gift, and Coalescence III: Culmination, all of which are collections that must be completed to gain the necessary components for the final step.

You’ll need to be ready to spend a lot of time or money to craft the final stages of the Coalescence, which comprises four main parts. These will need to be placed in the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch before you can gain the final product.

These are the items you’ll need:

ItemFirst tierBase tier
Mystic Tribute2x Gift of Condensed Magic  
2x Gift of Condensed Might    
77x Mystic Clover  
250x Mystic Coin
2x Gift of Blood 2x Gift of Venom 2x Gift of Totems 2x Gift of Dust   2x Gift of Claws 2x Gift of Scales 2x Gift of Bones 2x Gift of Fangs    
Gift of CompassionGift of Desert Mastery  
6x Balls of Dark Energy  
Gift of Complex Emotions
Legendary Divination 150x
1x Gift of the Desert 1x Gift of the Rider 1x Bloodstone Shard 250x Funerary Incense      
Completing Coalescence II: The Gift.
Gift of PatienceCoalescence III: Culmination 
Hateful SworlCoalescence I: Unbridled 

The Funerary Incense can be purchased from Renown Heart vendors in the Domain of Vabbi and Desert Highlands maps. They are limited to a single purchase a day from Renown Hearts and cost either Elegy Mosaics, Trade Contracts, Amalgamated Gemstones, Obsidian Shards, and Ectoplasm. You’ll also need Trade Contracts and Crystalline Ingots.