How to unlock the Waka Waka achievement in Twin Mirror

Go old school.

How to unlock the Waka Waka achievement in Twin Mirror

Twin Mirror contains a few nods to old school games. It won’t be a surprise to learn that a couple of Bandai Namco Easter eggs make it into DontNod’s mystery thriller, and one of those can net you the Waka Waka achievement or trophy if you know how to unlock it.

You can get the achievement or trophy early on in the game. Playing as Sam, you attend Nick’s wake at Ethan’s bar. As you are wandering around and catching up with people, you will have noticed a Pac-Man arcade machine on the back right wall. Remember it for later.

After Sam wakes up in his hotel room with no memory of the night before, he has to return to Ethan’s bar to work out what happened. As you scout the bar for clues to jog your memory, you can approach the Pac-Man arcade machine and dabble in a game or two.

To unlock the Waka Waka achievement or trophy, you must beat one level of Pac-Man. As with the original game, you have three lives, so don’t worry if you get caught twice by the ghosts. Tactically navigate your way around the level to consume all of the dots, evade the ghosts, and use the bigger dots to make you powerful enough to attack the ghosts if they get too close.

Once you beat a level, back out of the game. The achievement or trophy should pop as you do. You can head back into Pac-Man if you want to beat your high score or get back to finding clues to move the story along.