How to unlock the well in MADiSON

Don’t fall in.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Not everything is what it seems in this haunted house. MADiSON is a game where your instant camera will connect you with the world of the beyond. Throughout your journey as Luca, you will discover interesting details about the character and plenty of puzzles that may stump you. Just like a good Resident Evil game, these puzzles are often solved by looking at your surroundings or gathering items. A good example of this is the well puzzle where symbols are the key to unlocking it.

How to unlock the well

After listening to your first tape and watching as Luca goes through the first symptoms of possession, you are tasked with finding a red door. Down in the basement, beyond the red door, you will find a room with a well with a large number of candles leading up to it. All fire hazards aside, there are three locks that prevent you from accessing this well. To gather the symbols, you will need to head back upstairs to the study. This is the small room that you enter before going into grandpa’s house.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once in the study, locate the image on the wall that bears a slight resemblance to a dodecahedron. Use your trusty instant camera and snap a picture of this symbol. Take a look at the picture and three images will appear in the small circles. Go back down to the well and change the locks on it to match the symbols in the picture. The symbols change with each playthrough so the images you get will most likely be different from the ones we have in the above image.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have the symbols in place, pick up the nearby shovel and use it on the well. After a few attempts at prying the well open, the shovel will break. Once this happens, use your instant camera to take a picture of the well. This will break open the top giving you access to what’s inside.