How to unlock the Yoroi Samurai armor in Halo Infinite

The limited-time armor set for Halo Infinite players.


Image via 343 Industries

There are a handful of unique armor sets you can give your Spartan in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. One of the more difficult ones to acquire is the Yoroi Samurai armor, an armor set that will be available for a limited time in the game. You have to do a specific process to unlock it and add it to your multiplayer collection.

The only way to unlock the Yoroi Samurai armor is to complete the Tenrai Fracture event. Fracture events are limited-time events that only appear once a month, for a week. You’ll need to jump into the Fracture playlist, complete all of the challenges for the Tenrai event, and then you’ll unlock the Yoroi Samurai armor. The first scheduled launch of this mode will be on November 23.

If you don’t complete all of the challenges during the Fracture event, you can still earn the armor at a later date. There will be other opportunities for you to wrap up everything you need to do fr the Tenrai Fracture event when it appears again, and all of your progress carries over. You’re not forced to complete everything in the week time frame. The armor has no gameplay advantages, so unlocking prevents you from accessing specific features or mechanics.

All Fracture events will follow this same pattern, so you can expect other limited-time armor to appear in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer through the same system.