How to unlock trucks in Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

Looking for some new rides?

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 allows players to use large, powerful trucks and compete in outdoor and indoor races and Freestyle events. And while Monster Jam does provide players some starter trucks when starting, there are opportunities to unlock brand new vehicles. Here’s how you can do just that.

When thrust into Monster Jam Steel Titans 2, players will be able to ride around in an open-world environment filled with trees, hills, lakes, and even objects that can be crushed to bits. Doors can also be found within the boundaries of the worlds. You’ll want to go up to these doors and then drive up and onto the yellow squares adjacent to them.

Players who stop onto these squares will be able to access the World Career mode, and compete in Monster Jam events and go up against AI truck drivers.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Players can unlock new trucks by completing Chapters within World Career. If you finish a chapter in the top three in cumulative points, you’ll have a chance to unlock a new Monster Jam truck.

Screenshot from Gamepur

There are two other additional methods to unlock new trucks. Monster Jam players can also unlock cars by finding all collectibles in a certain area. So if you want some new rides, be sure to find and retrieve all of those items. Also, make sure to drive trucks for various teams for long periods, as that’s another way you can get some new rides.