How to use an Awakening Shard in Free Fire?

Here is how to unleash the full potential of your Awakened characters.

How to use an Awakening Shard in Free Fire?

One of the most important elements of Free Fire is the character system in the game. It boasts a robust selection of 30 characters that players can choose from, each with their own set of abilities to suit various play styles.

The Awakening Shard in the game allows players to upgrade their Awakened characters and unlock their full potential. There are currently only two Awakened characters in the game, Kelly “The Swift” and Hayato Firebrand.” Follow the steps below to use the Awakening Shard to upgrade the two characters.

How to Awaken characters?

  • Buy either Kelly “The Swift” and Hayato Firebrand” from the Store.
  • Go to the character’s screen and head on to the Awaken tab.
  • Finish all missions which are required for Awakening, and once you have completed them, click on Awaken.

How to use an Awakening Shard?

  • Open the Character tab by clicking on the Character icon on the left. Do ensure that you have either one of the Awakened characters unlocked before proceeding further.
  • Choose the character you wish to upgrade.
  • Click on the icon beside their ability to open a Dialog Box.
  • If you have enough Character Fragments and an Awakening Shard, you will be able to upgrade the character.

Awakening characters will give players access to a plethora of new abilities and stuff, so it is advisable to do so. The Awakening Shard will help players upgrade characters and make them even more powerful, so it is worth grinding for that as well.