How To Use The Archwing Slingshot In Warframe


The Archwing Slingshot is a piece of equipment on your Railjack. It launches a Tenno from the Railjack at incredible speeds. To use the Archwing Slingshot, you need to be at Rank 3 in the Gunnery Intrinsic. To get the most out of it, you should reach Rank 4.

  • Rank 3 – Archwing Slingshot – High-velocity Archwing deployment into the combat zone.
  • Rank 4 – Archwing Warhead – Slingshot Archwing damages fighters and penetrates enemy Crewship hulls.

Archwing Slingshot Location

At Rank 3, you can use it to cross the level rapidly, but at Rank 4, you can slam yourself into smaller ships and destroy them, or Crewships for a quicker way to board them.

Once you have access to the Archwing Slingshot, you can find it at the top level of the ship next to the Reactor. Go up to it and interact with it to load into the giant cannon.

You need clear communication with your pilot to find a suitable target. The Archwing Slingshot has a limited degree of movement, so your pilot needs to aim roughly at the area you want to go, or at the target Crewship you wish to board.

Archwing Slingshot Target

Aim the slingshot at the target, and wait until you see a yellow reticle appear around it, then fire. You will go flying across the level, and if you are aiming at a Crewship, you will automatically board it.

While this is a safer way to do so than trying to fly to it on your Archwing, you should try to get your pilot into position so you will be coming at it from the back or sides. You cannot steer once you leave the slingshot, and it is possible to get hit by the missiles the Crewship fires.

Once you are finished and return to the Railjack, you can go straight back to the Archwing Slingshot without getting back on the ship. Just make your way to the large energy cannon on top of the Railjack and interact with it, and you will load back into the Slingshot again. This allows you to rapidly take out smaller vehicles such as mining ships which can be a huge problem for gunners to deal with.