How to use Cheat Codes and Console Commands in XCOM: Chimera Squad

A little helping hand.

Is XCOM Chimera Squad available on Nintendo Switch

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Exactly how to play through an XCOM campaign is a matter of personal preferences. Some folks enjoy gut-crushing levels of difficulty, while others don’t mind a bit of save-scumming. Many more will use console commands to give themselves a helping hand when needed.

Luckily for some of you, you can use console commands in XCOM: Chimera Squad, and in this guide, we will show you how.

How to use console commands

The first thing you need to do is activate the console. This is done a little differently, depending on if you use Steam or not, so we will quickly run through both methods.


For Steam, you need to go into the Library, find XCOM: Chimera Squad, then right-click on it and choose properties. Go to launch options and type in -allowconsole.


If you are launching the game from a shortcut on your Desktop, copy and paste the following line into the target field, C:\Games\XCOM: Chimera\Binaries\Win64\XCom.exe” -allowconsole

The next time you launch the game, you will be able to open up the console by hitting the tilde key directly above the TAB key on your keyboard. After that, enter one of the below commands, depending on what you need.

Console CommandEffect
GiveItem AimUpgrade_Sup 10Gain 10 Scope upgrades
GiveItem APRounds 10Gain 10 AP rounds
GiveItem ClipsizeUpgrade_Sup 10Gain 10 Extended Magazine upgrades
GiveItem Medikit 10Gain 10 Medkits
GiveItem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup 10Gain 10 Stock upgrades
GiveItem VenomRounds 10Gain 10 Venom rounds
GiveResource credits 100Gain 100 Credits
GiveResource intel 100Gain 100 Intel
GiveResources elerium 100Gain 100 Elerium

Series regulars will recognize the console commands from XCOM 2, although I am afraid my memory is a little hazy on whether they go back further than that or not.