How to use Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

You have a friend to help you out.

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When you crash land in Sons of the Forest, you can only find a handful of supplies and one survivor who is left screaming on the beach. His name is Kelvin, given the tag on the front of his shirt. He doesn’t look particularly harmed, but he doesn’t speak. He can become a helpful companion for you while playing Sons of the Forest, and you’ll need his assistance to survive. Here’s what you need to know about how to use Kelvin in Sons of the Forest.

How Kelvin works in Sons of the Forest

You can find Kelvin when you initially crash land in Sons of the Forest. You can choose to interact with him or not; when you do, you’ll find that he’s bleeding from the ears and won’t respond. However, he understands and works with your commands through the notepad. You can choose these first commands when you first meet him.

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You can scroll through the available commands to give Kelvin, and he’ll follow them as best you can. One of the better ideas might be to have Kelvin follow you until you can set up a base camp and then order him to begin looking for supplies or setting up basics at the camp, such as a place to sleep or one to eat.

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You can change these orders by approaching Kelvin by clicking the E button. This will bring up the notepad, and you can select new orders for him to follow. Every so often, Kelvin does take a break from these chores to relax, so if you see him taking a break, don’t worry too much.

If you’re playing a multiplayer game with friends, you can only have one Kelvin. There cannot be multiple companions, so only one companion for every game of Sons of the Forest.