How to use The Shared AR Experience with friends in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go

Get ready to say “Cheese” and take pictures with you and your friends’ Pokémon. Niantic has officially finished rolling out the Shared AR Experience in Pokémon Go. All level 2 Trainers and above can use this new feature. It allows you to have your Buddy Pokémon with your friends’ Buddy.

You need to use your phone’s in-camera AR, you and your friends can take pictures of your Pokémon.

Since the feature is still very new, a lot of players are still figuring out how to use it. Fortunately, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account shared an instructions video that explains how to use the Shared AR Experience.

How to use The Shared AR Experience with friends in Pokémon Go

The first thing to do is gather a small group of your friends, and make sure you all are in a brightly lit place. One of you needs to go to your Buddy Profile, and tap on the AR Experience icon; the icon is right next to the Play button in the Buddy Profile. That person then needs to host a group by tapping on the “Create a Group QR Code.”

A Buddy Group QR Code appears on that person’s phone. The two other players can scan that QR code with their phones and join the group. When the other players have scanned the code, the host needs to tap “GO” to start.

From there, all three players need to hold their devices upright, pointing their device at a single object in the room. The video claims a chair or table works as the object. All three players will then have to walk left and right around the object in a 180-degree rotation. A checkmark will appear on the screen if everyone syncs up successfully.

Yellow footprints will appear on the screen. You need to tap on the footprints to make your Buddy Pokémon appear. If the other two players in your group have done everything right as well, all three Buddy Pokémon should appear together on screen.

Once all Pokémon are on screen together, you can now take all the photos together.