How to use the Goo Grenade in The Anacrusis

The word goo appears in this article 15 times. Gooey.

Brute Attack

Image via Stray Bombay

The Anacrusis features a lot of different weapons and grenades, each with their own various effects and strategies. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t highlight or register to players the exact effects of these weapons. Some grenades are ineffective against certain enemy types, and players won’t know it until they test it out. To save some time, though, here’s how to use the Goo Grenade in The Anacrusis.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Goo Grenades are a unique grenade that, when picked up, grant the player four charges of Goo. Throwing a Goo Grenade creates a patch of purple goo that severely slows most enemies that step onto it. It does not slow players at all, so you can cross it safely. However, the Goo patch does not override the green Goo shot by Goopers, so a purple patch and a green patch can exist in the same space. Purple goo can stack with the fire pitch from an Incendiary Grenade, but it’s unknown if this does extra damage — it certainly keeps enemies in the fire longer, so it works.

Purple goo does not affect Spikes or Spawner Minions, who will roll right over it with no issue. Purple Goo does, however, affect Brutes, being the primary counter to them. Furthermore, some perks make Goo Grenades much more useful, such as grants temporary health to the team when a Goo Grenade gets used or expanding the radius of the purple goo.