How to use the Jade Ghost Wisp in Sonic Colors Ultimate

This ghost is not spooky.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While Sonic Colors on the Wii was where the Wisps were introduced to the Sonic series, not all of them made their debut there. The Jade Ghost was first introduced in Team Sonic Racing and has jumped into the first game with the Sonic Colors Ultimate remaster. Here is how to use the Jade Ghost Wisp in Sonic Colors Ultimate.

Unlike the other Wisps in Sonic Colors Ultimate, you will not need to unlock this one to access it. Just find it in its capsule on a level, and you can use it. When you get it, activate it like you would any other Wisp, and you will turn into a green ghost. During this time, you can float around in any direction you want.

So what is the use of this? Well, when you turn into the ghost, you will be able to chain yourself to certain anchor points and pull yourself to them, even through platforms. The green anchor points will appear only when you are in this form. To pull yourself to them, press the jump button.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Jade Ghost Wisp is a nice inclusion in Sonic Colors Ultimate, but keep in mind that the time in this form is very short. Make sure you are not putting yourself over a death trap once you turn back into Sonic.