How to use the Planting Kit in My Time at Sandrock

Keep your plants alive in the desert.

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Planting crops in the desert in My Time at Sandrock is difficult. You can learn a few techniques from Zeke, the town’s only moisture farmer, who can get you started on your farming journey. He’ll teach you how to build a Planting Kit, which is your primary way to manage your crops and harvest them throughout the year. Here’s what you need to know about how to use the Planting Kit in My Time at Sandrock.

How to use the Planting Kit

You’ll learn how to use the Planting Kit after completing the Moisture Farm Blues quest, and then you’ll learn how to make a Desert Planting Kit during The Grass is Greener main story quest. After speaking with Zeke and using the Kit on your character, you can now head back to your Workshop to use your Planting Kit.

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The Planting Kit is not an item in your inventory or a tool you interact with. Instead, it’s a menu you open up whenever you’re inside your Workshop’s yard, and you want to work on your farms. To open it up, click the ‘Tab’ key on your keyboard, and the Planting Kit will be the option on the lower right section. After clicking on the Planting Kit, you can now begin to use straw to make Straw Grids and use any seeds you’ve acquired during your travels. This is where you also apply your fertilizer, water, and harvest your plants when they’re ready.

You’ll be using the Planting Kit often in your Workshop’s yard to perform any farming. You’ll want to collect Dew to make water and have plenty of fertilizer to keep them healthy while they rest in the desert sun.