How to use your hands in Hardscape: Shipbreaker

Need a hand?

Image via Blackbird Interactive

It’s critical to use every tool available to you in Hardscape: Shipbreaker to optimize the amount you salvage from a ship. Your grapple and splitsaw are your go-to items, and becoming familiar with them can save you many headaches when attempting to lower that massive $1 billion debt you owe. One of the less technological tools every cutter has available to them is their hands, and the game doesn’t immediately tell you how to use them, or what you can do with them.

Make sure you a close to an object or ship panel to have it within your reach. When you’re ready, click the X key to use your right hand, and the Z key to use your left. If you’re using a controller, you want to use the RB and LB buttons, respectively. When your cutter reaches out, they should grab the object closest to them, and their hand should keep them in place.

You can use your hand to steady yourself right before you make a precise cut or want to slow yourself down when flying through space. If you go too fast, you might damage your helmet or potentially damage your worksite. Both are costly accidents.

If you ever run out of fuel inside of a ship and you can’t fire your suit’s thrusters, your hands can pull you forward. It also saves fuels when you start to run low, at least until you return outside and have to fly to the central platform to resupply. While the tutorial glosses over the usefulness of your hands, make sure to use them often. Plus, they’re free.