How to Use the Zoom Feature on Nintendo Switch


Nintendo has introduced a zoom feature to the Switch with System Update 8.0.0. Primarily the update is designed to improve system stability and bring in features like Parental Controls and VR, but it also adds a handy zoom function. There will be somewhat of a drop in image quality when you zoom in, but it should help people out who might struggle a little bit to read the text on the screen.

How To Use The Zoom Feature On Nintendo Switch

To use the zoom feature, you need to have enabled it within your System Setting. As an important note, the Zoon feature cannot be used during VR mode, and screenshots taken zooming in will result in the non-zoomed view being captured.

To enable the zoom mode, please follow the below steps;

  • From the HOME Menu, select “System Settings” > “System” > “Zoom.”
  • Make sure the Zoom is set to “On.”
  • Once this feature is enabled, while in a system menu or in a game, press the HOME Button twice to access Zoom mode.
  • Use the X or Y Buttons to zoom in and out, or use your fingers to pinch zoom in and out.

While in Zoom mode,

  • You can lock the zoom level by pressing the HOME Button once.
  • To unlock and adjust the zoom level, press the HOME Button again.
  • To exit Zoom mode, press the HOME Button twice or put the system in Sleep Mode.

If you want to turn the zoom feature off, just follow the same path of HOME Menu, select “System Settings” > “System” > “Zoom,” then ensure the mode says “Off.”

And that it, as you can see the zoom function is quite easy to use, and turn off and on.