How to visit Walmart Land in Roblox

Rollbacks and Robux.

Image via Walmart

Visits to local Walmart stores are typically for simple things like groceries, home goods or clothing, but the massive retailer is hoping to give Roblox fans a more interesting take on the brand with the new Walmart Land world built in the game. Here is how you can access the Walmart Land in Roblox.

How to access Walmart Land in Roblox

Players can try Walmart Land on the Roblox website, or by searching for “Walmart Land” in the mobile app. The world features two themed areas: Electric Island, based around music and entertainment, and the House of Style, for fans of fashion and beauty.

While taking a trip to Walmart Land, players can try their hand at a Netflix trivia minigame starring Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp, give music production a try in a DJ booth, navigate the Oversized Cosmetics Obby or watch concerts from artists like YUNGBLUD, Madison Beer and Kane Brown. Players can also grab Walmart-themed items for their avatars in the hub area, which promises “unique verch, great views & big surprises.”

Fans can also check out the Universe of Play world from Walmart for another set of games to try within Roblox, with the PAW Patrol, LOL Surprise, Jurassic World and more. The Universe of Play has its own set of badges and avatar items for players to earn and enjoy.

Walmart isn’t the first major brand to try its hand at building a presence within Roblox. Companies like Vans, Chipotle, Froot Loops and even premium luxury brands like Ralph Lauren and Gucci have spaces of their own in the long-running virtual universe.