How to watch Twitch on the Nintendo Switch

Time to watch your favorite streamers on your Switch

Twitch Glitch

Image via Twitch

Nintendo surprised fans with the sudden release of the Twitch app on the Nintendo Switch. Twitch is one of the biggest streaming platforms ever, with millions of daily users on the site. The Twitch app has been available on Smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, and finally now the Switch. Fortunately, the process to download the service on Switch is relatively simple.

How to download the Twitch app on The Switch

The Twitch app is available as a free purchase in the Nintendo eShop. You can access the eShop page either through your desktop or your Nintendo Switch homepage. To download the Twitch app on the desktop, make sure you have a My Nintendo account. Make sure your account is synced to the Switch console you want to download the app to. Selecting download on the desktop version should then download the app onto your Switch.

Once you have the app downloaded, it should appear on your Switch homepage. Simply select the app and you’ll be on Twitch. From there you can start watching streams, though remember to log in if you have an account. By selecting the Sign-In option on the top of the Twitch page, you are given two options to how you can log into your account. You can either scan a barcode the screen shows you with your phone or go to a website that is displayed on the screen and put in a code that will activate your Twitch account to the device for which the code matches.

Currently, it is unknown if people can Stream on Twitch directly from their Switch console. The feature may become available at a later date if it isn’t already.