How to win Gun Run in Apex Legends

How good are you with the different weapons in Apex Legends?

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Apex Legends’ newest limited-time mode is called Gun Run. This new mode will likely catch the attention of any players who stay up-to-date with the game, so you will need to know how to be successful in it since you will be having a lot more contested action than in the traditional battle royale mode. Here is an explanation of how to play and win Gun Run matches in Apex Legends.

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How to play Gun Run in Apex Legends

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Gun Run is essentially a team-based version of Gun Game from Call of Duty that features four teams of three players fighting it out to get a kill with each weapon first. There is a line of 25 weapons that you will cycle through on smaller POI sections of a battle royale map. The final kill is always with the new Throwing Knife weapon.

Where Gun Run diverges from Gun Game is how it handles your progression. Since you are in a team, you will leapfrog over any teammates that are ahead of you on the gun track. For example, if you are on the fifth gun and your teammate is on the eighth, you will jump to the ninth weapon when you get a kill. This makes it so no one on your team is holding you back if they get a weapon they don’t perform well with. You can see how far up the track you will jump by looking at the Boost number at the bottom of the screen.

Unlike the traditional mode in the game, you do not need to worry about ammo; you will always have an infinite supply of that and Syringes. Only one person on your team needs to get a kill with the Throwing Knife at level 25 to win the match.

Tips and tricks to win Gun Run in Apex Legends

  • Like in the battle royale, Gun Run is a team game. Stick together with your teammates so you do not get overpowered by other teams. Also, don’t forget to use your Legend’s ability and ultimate to give yourself the edge in an encounter.
  • You have an unlimited amount of Syringes, so if you find a chance to hide and heal, take it.
  • Don’t worry so much about the tracker at the top of the screen; just focus on getting kills. If you pay too much attention to what the other teams are doing, you could lose sight of your own progress.
  • If you get a chance to third-party two other teams that are already fighting, take it. You could quickly shoot up some levels by taking out people with lower health.